I was introduced to fishing at the age of 5 and was immediately bitten by the bug, as soon as I was able, I joined my local club and continued with them until I joined Essex Police in 1980.

I retired 5 years ago, having served over 30 years. Throughout my service I was involved with the Police coarse angling section and have Captained the match team for over 20 years. I continue in the role of Captain of both The Essex Police and Colchester Police teams to this day.

When I retired I knew I wanted to try and promote the sport in some way, I had been unwittingly coaching in one capacity or another for many years so I decided to follow my heart and enrolled in the coaching course with the Angling Trust. I completed my training to level 2 in February 2014.

In June 2015, I decided to start my own coaching company and "On Coarse" was born.

I have since been joined by my friend and former colleague, Steve Osborne, and together we can offer coaching in most general coarse and match angling.


I first started fishing during my school years with friends, but having no experience or anyone to ask, we muddled our way through, learning as we went along, but I found that I loved the sport and my affair with angling began.

Over the years my knowledge improved and after joining Essex Police I soon became involved in their angling section. I have always been a competitive angler so I eventually joined the match team and I continue to represent them to this day.

We travel widely and throughout the year we visit many different types of venue, this means that we have to be proficient in almost every type, style and method of fishing if we want our team to be successful, so we are always looking to improve our own angling and stay on top of any new or developing trends.

Having recently retired, I decided that, like Graham, I wanted to put something back into the sport, so I decided to follow the coaching path. I signed up for the Angling Trust course, and have since been able able to join Graham in our  "On Coarse" venture.

Our wish is to bring our sport to a wider audience, introducing newcomers to fishing, but also to help those already involved by assisting them to improve their technique and knowledge.

What I am particularly pleased about is that we are able to provide all the equipment needed so that you can see what fishing has to offer without the expense by buying unnecessary or unsuitable tackle.

On Coarse

Steve and I are DBS checked, and fully licensed and insured, through the Angling Trust to carry out coaching in coarse fishing. We are also members of the Professional Anglers Association.

We have formed strong associations with local commercial fisheries and have agreements to use their facilities whenever appropriate. We also have access to a number of club and private waters, allowing us to provide the opportunity to fish for most coarse fish species.